Reporting & Regulatory Compliance


ICS generates a wide array of standard and ad hoc reports to meet the specific needs of our clients. There is no additional cost for reports. We have flexibility to dynamically change the Reporting Metrics as the Program matures or new metrics are identified. Reports can be generated by injury classifications, duration of loss time, claim administration/ processing stages, etc. to facilitate easy review and analysis to identify situations that warrant additional attention & action.

Clients have access to our web‐based technology platforms, ReviewStat Browser, CEP, and SmartReports that will provide 24/7 access to all data, images, and the ability to leverage over 100 canned reports as well as creating their own ad hoc reports. These programs allow complete up to the minute access to its claims, the ability to interact electronically.

SmartAdvisor Software – Medical Bill Review

ICS leverages the software technology SmartAdvisor, for Medical Bill Review/PPO services. The software utilizes highly flexible technologies for an extremely powerful and robust pricing engine, carefully balancing the efficiency of automated pricing functions with the opportunity for intervention, control, and customization as required to meet the diverse needs of the industry.

SmartAdvisor incorporates SmartReports as one of the key components. SmartReports allows users to access current standard reports, create customized ad hoc reports, and perform desktop analysis in a web-based environment. A variety of reports can be generated by SmartReports.

Bill InventoryBill TrackingNon‐posted Detail BillsOperations SummaryPend Aging
Pend SummaryPend TAT DetailPPO Bridge TrackingPPO TAT Vendor SummaryState EDI Tracking
ThroughputTurnaround DetailCapstone Rule Fire ReportUser ActivityUser Statistics Detail
Bill Status DetailManagement Savings SummaryTurnaround DetailBill Detail by AdjusterBill Detail by Claim Number
Bill Detail by Diagnosis CodeBill Detail by PPO NetworkBill Detail by Provider NamePatient HistoryLine Detail by Claim
UR SavingsAnalysis by DiagnosisClaim by Cost ProviderSummary by Service Code ChargesClaim Calendar
ReviewStat Software – Case Management, Utilization Review & Vocational Rehabilitation

We enjoy a strong reputation within the industry performing case management, utilization review and vocational rehab services supported with their industry leading software, ReviewStat. ReviewStat’s advanced technology gives clients the control they need to integrate best practices into a workflow that works specifically for the outcomes intended.

ReviewStat Browser provides real time access to case management information. Using highly sophisticated security, users can log on, check the status of specific claims, review case management

notes, access, and print case summary reports, create custom reports. Authorized users will also have the capability to communicate directly with the ICS nurse handling an individual case.

We customize our system to accommodate client specific data elements without an additional charge. ICS provides reports inclusive of:

Worker name and claim numberNew developments in care
Report date and reporting periodRecommendations for future actions
Date of birth and date of injuryAbility to positively impact a claim
Worker contact informationCase notes with details of actions taken, dates, and time/units utilized
Primary spoken language of worker and caregiver(s)Psychosocial/economic issues
Assigned NCM and provider numberVocational profile
Health care provider(s) name and contact informationPlan that addresses short-term and long-term worker centered needs
Reason for referralProgress in meeting short-term and long-term goals including barriers to goal attainment (treatment, functional, return to work)
ICD-10 Codes and up-to-date problem listPlan revision as new barriers are identified
Organ-systems based functional assessmentAmount of time/units spent completing the report
Summary of current state of worker


ICS provides program management following the scope of service presented as well as compliance with any State regulations and/or specific Service Level Agreements. We help clients realize significant bottom-line savings because of our highly experienced technical staff, our ability to adapt quickly to situational changes, and our commitment to staying current with the latest industry information and advances in technology.

Our dedicated team of management and professional staff is active in the industry and regularly monitors trends, change in laws and regulations and their potential impact on the organization and our clients. If risks are identified, updates to control activities are implemented by the executive team. ICS uses the following strategies to keep up with industry and legislative changes.

  • Stay Informed with Training– we keep up with all regulatory changes which affect our business and industry and monitor websites of governing agencies.
  • Attend Webinars and Events – Our staff is required to attend periodic refresher courses using our software as well as monthly “lunch and learn” sessions that encompass current trends like Opioid Management, Tele‐Medicine etc. These sessions are hosted by organizations like WCRI, NAMSAP along with other peer organizations.
  • Review Internal Processes – we perform internal audits to assess the current level of compliance and look for potential gaps in existing practices compared to new requirements. ICS is a Service Organization Controls (SOC) Type II certified organization. Being SOC certified our clients feel confident that ICS is operating in an ethical and compliant manner.
  • Use a Compliance Software – ICS utilizes industry leading software with flexible technologies to carefully balancing the efficiency of automated pricing functions with the opportunity for intervention, control, and customization as required to meet the diverse needs of the industry.


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