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Different solutions for different needs

At ICS we offer a comprehensive range of claims resolution services, both online and off.

If you’re managing claims in the Automobile or Workers’ Compensation sectors, we can tailor a unique package of services to your unique requirements, including any or all of the following:

  • Case Management, including telephonic and field management, and complete utilization review — determining what medical care is necessary and reasonable, case by case
  • Access to Provider Networks, state-by-state, including specialty networks, to achieve good treatment outcomes in a cost-conscious way
  • Medical Bill Review,including bill repricing and bill audit service tools, RN code review, and contracted and negotiated services, all aimed at identifying every opportunity for cost savings
  • Medical Care Review, including nurse case management, independent medical exam and physician advisory review, to confirm care decisions and monitor costs
  • Disability Management, including Medicare set-asides
  • Information Management, including outcome measurement, ROI, client reporting and analysis, internal benchmarking, and a variety of analytics-based consulting servicesTo learn more about our services, please call (732)-384-3430


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    Case Management

    Medical Bill Review

    Medical Care Review

    Disability Management

    To learn more about our services, please call (732)-384-3430