About Us

Innovative Claims Strategies (ICS) is a leading national Managed Care Service company headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey that designs, implements and manages customized Integrated Medical Cost Containment and Technology service models to the Public and Private Sector Markets, Risk Pools, State Funds, Insurance Carriers, Third Party Administrators, Self-Insured/Self-Administered Employers, and the Transportation Industry.  ICS is a certified WBE organization.

ICS is a national provider of risk management solutions for employers, third party administrators, insurance companies, and government agencies seeking to control costs and promote positive outcomes. We apply technology, intelligence, and a human touch to the challenges of risk management so our clients can intervene early and often while being connected to the critical intelligence they need to proactively manage risk. With a robust technology platform at our core, our connected solution is structured to helping clients deliver programs that meet their organization’s performance goals.

Our innovative solutions combine claims management technologies with industry leading medical cost containment services to meet our customers’ diverse needs. We specialize in applying advanced communication and information technology to improve healthcare management for workers compensation, health, and auto and liability claims management.

ICS has a long history providing customized Integrated Cost Containment Service programs specifically to the Workers’ Compensation, Auto, Liability and Disability markets with demonstrated result and unparalleled services.  ICS distinguishes itself as a vendor partner who provides highly customized and flexible programs supported by outstanding customer service.

Our Comprehensive Injury Management Service Experience includes:

  • Subject Matter Experts who have extensive experience within all industry sectors and markets
  • Our approach includes a Medical & Disability business model to manage every cost dimension of a claim apply our unique “Best Practice” techniques
  • ICS has the integrated technology that allows for the effective and efficient utilization of early intervention cost containment techniques tailored to support the unique requirements and needs of our clients

ICS believes in a cooperative approach to defining service programs with our clients, recognizing that both parties share a mutual interest in maximizing employee productivity, minimizing duplicate effort, and offering a work environment to its employees that fosters accountability and rewards results.

ICS strives to break down the barriers that often prevent clients and their vendors from reaching these mutual interests. These barriers often result from disconnected systems, conflicting workflows, and financial incentives that separate the two parties from aggressively pursuing these goals.

The demands placed upon companies operating in today’s business environments include risks of broader dimensions than previously imagined or encountered.  We are ever mindful of the challenges that are before us and that prompt us to continue to deliver our finest efforts to meet the demands and needs of our clients.

We are constantly evolving, innovating and maturing, and we have a long track record of responding to and improving with competition.  We believe that we are better positioned today than we have ever been to continue to deliver quality and excellence.

The key to our success can be found in the nature of our business relationships. In building collaborative relationships with our clients, we believe that we are placing our focus where it is most essential. Our strategy has always been centered on the concept of teaming with companies that continually strive for enterprise excellence and improvement.

Our company’s operations have increased as new business means additional workforce added to our operations. In the past the volume of our work product has increased significantly because of technical enhancements, improved quality of service, timely delivery and validated reduction of charges.  These factors have allowed ICS to establish itself as a premier medical cost containment company.    Consequently, our clients have achieved savings well beyond the jurisdictionally mandated values.