24/7 Call Center

ICS strongly believes, and studies have demonstrated, that prompt reporting of all injuries, illnesses, accidents, and absences leads to more effective medical treatment, and ultimately to reduction in the total medical cost of a claim.

We would add that this process can be further enhanced by centralizing all reporting through a toll free Hotline, from which injuries can be effectively triaged and appropriate resources immediately assigned.

The earlier this information is received, the sooner the medical and disability aspects of the claim may begin promoting the benefits of Early Intervention.

Prompt management of the medical care maximizes the ability to ensure the application of appropriate medical resources.  This helps to prevent a claim from starting down a path that can result in poor quality medical care and unnecessary costs.

  • Dedicated toll-free call center available 24 x 7
  • Alternative Web Based Option for Reporting
  • Early Intervention starts with prompt notification of absence
  • Direction to panel/network physicians as applicable
  • Customized Intake & Scripts
  • Timeline Information Distribution to all interested parties
  • Immediate access to information via Web Browser Portal
  • Referral to 911
  • “Call Ahead” process to the appropriate facility
  • Initial Medical Assessment Triage availability
  • Integrated with Nurse Case Management services


Case Management

Medical Bill Review

Medical Care Review

Disability Management

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