Nurse Case Management

Nurse Case Management

ICS establishes its highly effective medical case managers and disability management services that will ensure injured workers are receiving the best and most appropriate medical care for their injuries and are progressing to a safe and expedient return to productive work and maximum medical improvement.

One of the keys to successful case management is early intervention and establishment of a trusting, professional and positive relationship between the case manager and the claimant. ICS’ medical case management program is an effective tool for managing the coordination of medical care and meeting full recovery and return-to-work objectives by timely establishment of this relationship.  Appropriate response to the claimants’ issues and concerns, as well as validation of their physical/medical condition, with aggressive case management to provide interventions solidifies the relationship.

The design of ICS’ case management products and services is based on many years of experience and research related to industry best practices for the effective management of work-related injuries and illnesses. These are reflected in four primary areas of focus:

  • Early Intervention
  • Aggressive Case Management
  • Reporting and Analysis and
  • Focused Return-to-Work Initiatives

In order to achieve these objectives, we believe a dedicated nurse case management team is essential.  It allows staff to become intimate with the unique characteristics of the employer, medical community, return to work philosophy, and more.

Our core strategies for meeting these objectives are designed to ensure that our clients’ employees who are injured on the job receive the best and most appropriate medical care, from the onset of their injury until they are safely back to full duty or have reached maximum medical improvement and have transitioned to a level of resolution of their claim. Our programs are designed to support both the injured/ill employee and his/her family who are coping with the employee’s job related injury or illness. Our strategies are also designed to assist the employer and claims personnel with meeting their goals in returning the employee to appropriate employment and resolution of the claim

After a review of the case details, the ICS Nurse Case Manager determines the appropriate intervention strategy, sets goals for the case and begins to work towards those goals.  These actions may include contact to the treating provider, the claims administrator, the employer, and / or the employee to ascertain work restrictions, assess treatment efficacy, coordinate additional services, etc.

The ICS Nurse Case Manager’s work together with the Medical Providers, Employers, and Employees to facilitate appropriate medical care, identify obstacles to recovery, and ultimately focus on returning an individual to work.   Obstacles may include work restrictions which can result in the need for temporary or permanent modification of duty or sometimes a new job. Return-To-Work services coordinates the accommodations needed to facilitate the disabled employee’s timely return to work

It is in everyone’s best interest to ensure that an injured worker receives the best care possible for his/her injury and is encouraged to return to work in order to promote recovery.  Our Nurse Case Manager’s advocacy and objective medical expertise are essential in helping our clients manage their cases.

Once referred, the ICS Nurse Case Managers will oversee every aspect of the employee’s recovery to ensure appropriate treatment and an expedited, medical appropriate and safe return-to-work.


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