Inmate Medical Cost Savings Program – IMCSP

thumbnail of Inmate Medical Cost Savings ProgramInnovative Claims Strategies (ICS) is a leading national Medical Cost Containment and Managed Care company that, in partnership with Command Sourcing, Inc., has developed a specialized service and product called IMCSP, or Inmate Medical Cost Savings Program, created to help county and city jails maximize their annual inmate medical expense budgets.

IMCSP is a medical cost management program dedicated to assisting county prisons with the containment of all costs relating to prison inmate medical expenses.

Since ICS launched IMCSP participating County/City Jails have received unique services which have resulted in new procedures, newly negotiated contracts with medical providers, and cost savings on a variety of medical services, especially on the cost of inmate medications (prescription and nonprescription).

Inmate Medical Cost Containment – Our Approach


  • Discounted Fee Schedule Repricing
  • Application of CMS Pricing & Reimbursement standards
  • Auto adjudication leveraging Industry Best Practice Edits for medical bill review
  • Proprietary Analytical & Reporting Dashboard measuring Program Results
  • Document Management to support Paperless Medical File



  • Customized Correctional PPO & Pharmacy Networks
  • Medical Necessity & Correct Coding review done by Certified Coders & Nurse Auditors
  • Pre-Certification on complex services
  • Large Bill & Out of Network Negotiations with Signed Agreements
  • Provider Assistance Hotline


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