Expediting Treatments

In everybody’s interest:The best possible outcome in the shortest possible time

Claimants and carriers have a mutual interest in expediting treatment.

Claimants want to get back on their feet as soon as possible, and they want a treatment path that gets them there.

Carriers want to contain the cost of treatment, and an effective and well thought-out treatment path is the surest way to achieve that.

At ICS, we want it both ways, and most of our services are designed to help move the care process along, even as we keep a close eye on costs.

Managed Care Services

Our expertise at case management is at the heart of our ongoing effort to expedite treatment. From early intervention to final outcome, we look for every way to get claimants through the care process just as quickly as their progress allows, through:

Our PPO networks — every kind, in every specialty, with local, regional, and national coverage — give claimants access to the best care in the timeliest manner.

Our utilization management services allow us to closely monitor the claimant’s progress, and make adjustments where necessary.

And our on-site case management services can be brought to bear on the more difficult or catastrophic cases.

Medical Evaluation Services

We offer a full suite of medical reviews — pre-certification, concurrent, and retrospective — to evaluate treatment paths for appropriateness and reasonableness, guided always by the fact that timeliness is at the essence of effective treatment.

We have teams of expert Nurse Reviewers right on staff, and access to a nationwide network of medical specialists, so we’re amply equipped to perform Independent Medical Reviews, Peer Review, and Physician Advisory Reviews, whenever they’re required.


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