Containing Costs

Containing Costs: We find the savings in every claim

Controlling the high cost of claims resolution requires a full appreciation of the factors that affect those costs.

At ICS, we have the resources to look closely at the cost-sensitive dimensions of each claim, including:

  • Duration of medical care
  • Likelihood of the treatment leading to rapid recovery
  • Implications of the claimant returning to work
  • Reimbursement rates for diagnosis and treatment
  • Degree of administrative complexity
  • Usage of cost-effective medical management techniques
  • Avoidance of claims-related legal disputes and costs

Since the cost implications of each of these can vary widely, we use a wide range of cost management techniques to exploit them. Our systems are constantly being adjusted to grasp new cost-saving opportunities within each jurisdiction. And we take advantage of every possible incentive in the policy language of each client, even as we adhere to all state regulations and client-specific guidelines.


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