Resolving claims isn’t getting any easier

How well are your claims being managed? How are you dealing with the rising cost of everything claim-related?

Can you handle the whole claims process, from first injury report to final outcome? Do you handle some steps better than others? At each step, do you get the best possible outcomes at the best possible price?

ICS helps you navigate

At Innovative Claims Strategies — ICS —we can take on your entire claims portfolio, soup to nuts. Or if you prefer, we can take on just the pieces you’d rather not do yourself.

Either way, we’ll help you navigate through the dizzying array of variables that gets bigger and more complicated every day — all the treatment options, providers, PPO networks, bill reviews, medical reviews, state-by-state regulatory rules, just to name a few.

The ongoing proliferation of these variables makes it extremely difficult to keep track of how well you’re doing from one claim to the next.

At ICS, we know and understand these variables. We have automated techniques for dealing with them. And we have the resources, technology, and expertise to squeeze both cost savings and improved outcomes from every one of them.


Containing Costs

Expediting Treatments

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