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Innovative Claims Strategies: The complete, integrated claims management service

ICS offers a progressive model for managing claims in the automobile insurance and workers’ compensation industries.

We have the technology and the expertise to oversee both the care and costs of claims for work-related injuries, automobile accidents, and general health-related events that cause absence from the workplace.

We provide an integrated medical claims management program that is modified for “best practices” within each jurisdictional framework. The program is supported by technology-based decision engines that constantly assess both the consistency of care and the effectiveness of cost management techniques. Our professionals track each claim and perform all services required, according to our own jurisdictional model.

While approximately one-third of our total revenue derives from this integrated program, most of the remainder comes from our offering these same services on an unbundled — a la carte — basis.

Automobile Claims Management

With treatment costs exploding, managing injury claims has become a high-stakes undertaking. The pressure to contain costs while improving outcomes demands a sophisticated, technology-based approach.

That’s where ICS comes in. We provide comprehensive claims management services to the Automobile Insurance market. We have both the technological sophistication and the evolving expertise to thrive in an environment that grows more complex every day, by identifying and exploiting every possible opportunity to expedite a treatment or reduce a cost.

Workers’ Compensation

When it comes to on-the-job injuries, the larger the claims, the more you need a sophisticated, technology-based approach to claims management. As the costs of getting an injured worker back to work continue to increase — seemingly every day — cost containment and expedited outcomes now intersect at every turn. Achieving one goes a long way towards achieving the other.

At ICS, we provide comprehensive claims management services to claims adjusters in the Workers’ Compensation market. We bring both technological prowess and professional expertise to the simultaneous pursuit of cost savings and expedited treatment.


ICS was founded in 2006 to provide cost containment services to the auto insurance industry, using an alternative service model for delivering Independent Medical Evaluations and Peer Reviews.

In the same year, we raised capital through a strategic investment by Meridian Venture Partner Group through MCMC, LLC, expanding our service model to offer a complete medical claims management service.

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